McKinnon Patten & Associates LLC

Litigation Support and Expert Witness

Litigation Support and Expert Witness

McKinnon Patten & Associates LLC, a Dallas CPA firm, has expertise in resolving financial disagreements, drafting trial exhibits, and unraveling complex financial issues for court. We are also able to provide expert witness testimony in a variety of circumstances such as business disputes, fraud investigations, and divorce proceedings. We know that every litigation entails risk, but McKinnon Patten & Associates LLC aims to control that risk and reduce it to a minimum.

Due to our expert knowledge and training in matters of mergers and acquisitions, family law, due diligence and commercial litigation, McKinnon Patten & Associates LLC is able to evaluate and analyze every aspect of the litigation process.

We have the ability, training and the specialized certifications to perform competitively and compensate for the intricacies of each individual case. You can count on us to produce integral results and provide unbiased litigation support from start to finish.

Our litigation support and expert witness services include:

  • Assistance in preparation of deposition
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Economic damages
  • Expert testimony
  • Critique of the opposition's report
  • Settlement negotiations assistance
  • Trial notebook preparation

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